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Cartridge Chip

Digital printing is vastly used for its cost effectiveness and low time consumption, as it uses a shorter method of printing and can cater to small as well as bulk print jobs. Small inkjet printers are quite fit for smaller printing jobs, but finer commercial tasks can be done with the help of inkjet and laser printers.

At Chelsey Chelsey, all types of equipments related to digital printing are available. Apart from equipments like Epson printers, heat press machines, we supply inks, transfer paper and printing machine; spare parts like Epson printer dampers, cartridge chip re-setters and cartridge chips are also available.

Cartridge chips are built in the print-heads of the cartridges and bear the circuitry that is responsible for the communication between the printer and the computer. Your printer cannot work without the cartridge chip as it also signals the level of ink in the cartridge. This feature is extremely useful because this also enables you to learn that your cartridge is close to finishing and you are prompted to keep at hand a new set of cartridge.

We offer you a very easy way of ordering your required cartridge chip. All you need to do is click on the “Send Enquiry” button under the cartridge chip icon and complete the enquiry form. Do not forget to mention the cartridge code or simply the printer model in the description box and we will be pleased to send you the quotations immediately.

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