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Epson Printer Dampers

Printer Dampers are actually a kind of reservoir present in between the print head and the ink cartridge. They help to control the flow of ink and then filter it. They are needed to be replaced after every two years. The damper contains a filter inside it, which helps to capture the particles that can cause clogging of the nozzles of the printer. The ink travels through the damper and so after a year or two the ink particles can get deposited on the nozzles and can clog inside. Due to clogging, the flow of the ink is interrupted that may lead to banding and striation problems. In order to prevent clogging either the ink cartridges should be lubricated or it should be shaken well every two weeks.

Now the question that arises is exactly how a person, not so habituated with printing equipments will come to know when to replace a damper. The answer is that even after using cleaning fluid, if the nozzle’s blockade doesn’t get fixed, then it is the perfect time to replace your damper. Using third party damper or ink cartridge is not recommended as it might damage the print head. It is recommended to always use Epson Printer Dampers from Chelsey Chelsey to prevent such problems since the site provides only genuine products at the most affordable price.

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