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Printing Machine Spare Parts

Spare part is a kind of interchangeable part that is used, when some part of a machine gets damaged or has gone for a repair. It is used to substitute parts which are not functional anymore. The spare parts of a printing machine are print head, ink cartridges, dampers, cartridge chip etc. We will now discuss the spare parts one by one.

Print head- The print head of a printer can be of two types- fixed (inbuilt) and disposable (fixed with the ink cartridge). Its job is to print the material. It consists of several small nozzles which sprays drops of ink to print.

Ink Cartridges- Ink cartridges is the carrier of the ink. The cartridge can carry black color or any other color. In some inkjet printers the cartridge is attached with the print head.

Dampers- This part of the printer helps to control the flow of the ink and filters the ink from particles which can clog the nozzles of the print head.

Cartridge Chip- This chip is present inside the cartridge and keeps some important information like manufacturing date, cartridge serial number, printer type, page count, amount of toner left, OPC drum’s total calculations and other important data. This chip helps to communicate the data with the printer via RF (Radio Frequency) and Infrared (IR) Signal.

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