Canvas Shoes

No one looks twice at canvas shoes. They are plainly functional, shoes you put on when you want to exercise, go for a walk or work out. This need no longer be the case. You can now obtain digital printed canvas shoes, printed in a range of fabulous colors, vivid designs and fantastic themes. If you wear stylish apparel, wear printed shoes to match.

Digital printing on shoes upper is a new trend that has caught on like wildfire. Create your own personalized designs and get these transferred to your canvas shoes through our digital printing. We have state of art equipments, the finest in terms of infrastructure and services and a passion to be leaders in our segment. With our facilities digital printing on canvas shoes upper is a snap. People look twice at your footwear and you gain a rep for being fashionable and stylish. We offer canvas shoes with digital prints from our own library and you can select any design for your pair of custom made digitally printed canvas shoes. We use the highest quality ink and are meticulous in our process. This translates to quality prints that retain colors and freshness even after extended wear. You can clean the shoes but the print does not ever come off.

We cater to individuals and bulk shoe manufacturers alike. Regardless of the quantity involved, we offer the same punctilious, customer-centric services, policies and prices for happiest outcome. Own a pair of digital printed canvas shoes and stride far ahead in terms of style.