Thangka Printing

A Thangka is traditionally a spiritual or religious painting done on silk in combination with embroidery and has deep roots in Tibetan history and religious philosophy. Traditionally these complex pieces of art have been used as important religious and spiritual teaching tools for over a few centuries. Depicting this kind of an exquisite art form and doing proper justice to it is a daunting task. Only experts can replicate such art into modern printing methods and produce results of impeccable quality. At Chelsey Chelsey we have the knowhow and the technology to create the best Thangka printing works.

We make sure that these paintings once printed will last longer. That is why we use the best waterproof canvas to print them on, using pigment based inks to recreate the vibrant yet complex color combinations used in the original work. The waterproof canvas ensures a long life for the final product and use of special inks and procedures make sure that this will be the closest you could get to the real painting itself. Call us and find out how Chelsey Chelsey can create such high quality pieces of art with no compromise on the traditional flavor and at attractive prices for you to behold.