Sports Wear

Looking to design a t shirt or sportswear for your team at work on in your neighborhood? Look no further. At Chelsey Chelsey, we specialize in sports wear printing. We will cater to your sportswear and uniform requirements and our printing work can go on products created by any and all sports wear manufacturers. At Chelsey Chelsey, we use dye sublimation in our printing process, where the design, including the team logo, any text and other print are all dyed directly into the fabric. So when you run your hand over the fabric, you will notice that the print will not stick out and all you will feel will be the fabric itself.

We can print sublimated sportswear for a variety of sporting events be it track and field, team sports like basketball or football, or individual sports like tennis, badminton, etc. We at Chelsey Chelsey could be your exclusive sportswear suppliers as we have a wide variety of fabric and design options available. We can incorporate your custom designs to suit your needs and most of our designs are specific to the gender, so we have different designs for males and for females. You can call us today and find out how our sportswear can set you and your team apart.