Kids T-Shirts

Children have vivid imaginations, their world revolving around fairy tale characters and cartoons. One way they relate is by wearing apparel printed with their favorite toon character. Plus, each child has a mind of his own and definitely makes choices when it comes to apparel.

Chelsey Chelsey is a kid tshirt manufacturer in delhi specializing in customized kid t-shirt printing. Your child will adore the range of customized t-shirts we offer using the latest in cyno-silicon printing or other fabric printing techniques. We have an extensive library of bold, colorful and vivid artworks, logos, cartoon characters and unique, fun messages that can be combined into unique creations your child will love to show off and wear with pride. You are welcome to send in your own design or photograph, to still further customize your kid’s t-shirt and give it a one of its kind in the world look. With our state of art printing equipments we can create just the right effect with raised prints if you like or highly saturated colors that will not fade despite repeated washes and exposure to sun.

As a specialized custom kid tshirt manufacturer in delhi, we deal direct with individuals and also offer bulk kid tshirt printing services for garment manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Now you can create unique, customized kid t-shirts to sell in the open market, for promotions or for use as gifts. We offer the complete range of services from design to sourcing t-shirts, printing and packaging of kid t-shirts. Call us today to know how about our digital fabric and garment printing services