Shoes Digital

Chelsey Chelsey is a trendsetter when it comes to stylized fashion powered by the latest in digital printing technologies. After popularizing custom digital printing on fabrics, we now offer you the latest in fashion. We present digital printing on shoes upper that transforms a mundane shoe into a highly stylized fashion accessory. We have the finest equipment for shoes upper digital printing capable of printing on a variety of materials such as canvas, synthetics, polyurethane, leatherette and even leather, possibly the first and only one of its kind in India.

If you wish to follow the latest fashion trends and project a unique image, use our shoes upper digital printing service. You can pick from our library of ready to print designs or send us your images for digital printing on shoes upper. We are known for personalized and friendly customer service and welcome inquiries as well as requests for shoes printing from individuals. Prints are high resolution in saturated color and are more or less permanent, capable of rough usage without fading. To clean, simply wipe your digital printed shoes with a moist cloth.

We also offer our latest shoe upper digital printing services for shoe manufacturers across India. Equipped with the latest and the best we can take on volume production and deliver digital printed shoe uppers in time, helping you become known as premier digital shoes manufacturers with your own exclusive designs. Capture markets, increase revenues and grow your brand with our digital printing on shoes upper services.