Mugs and Sipper

Chelsey Chelsey tops in digital printing on any substrate. Leading mugs and sippers manufacturers in Delhi, we offer these with a difference. These can carry digitally printed permanent images, artwork, linework, design or logo of your choice.

Our range includes ceramic, steel, plastic, clay and wooden mugs in different designs, colors and sizes. Plain mugs you buy can then be transformed into highly colorful and unique tableware through our digital printing solutions for printing on any substrate. We have a full line of digital printers. You can pick from hundreds of artworks from our online catalog or send us a photo that we will thermally transfer to the mug or sipper.  These personalized digital printed mugs are popular as gifts and you too can get unique mugs and sippers with digital printing right here. Pick your mug, pick your design here or send us one and we deliver the digital printed mug right to your doorstep in a couple of days.

Individuals are welcome to buy and get digital printed mugs and sippers from us directly or through our network. Wholesalers, gift shops, retailers, corporates and institutions receive special offers for bulk orders of customized mugs and sippers. We have design experts and the expertise to deliver exactly what you need by way of specialized printing to give your brand a dash of spice. Call us today and ask for details and quotes.